Charles Dracos

I'm a software engineer studying at Duke University with a major in Computer Science and minors in Philosophy and Economics. I have a wide variety of interests including applied machine learning, distributed systems, and game development. I believe in a balance between looking at the big picture and using the technologies available to us, and hope to gain experiences that expose me to different modes of real-world problem solving.

Picture of me!


Over the course of ten weeks, nine teammates and I created a game authoring program. Four separate teams were created from the larger group, and I was a member of the team which designed and coded our game engine. Working on this project taught me how to use Agile methodologies and effectively communicate with team members in order to construct a well-designed, flexible game environment.

Language: Java
Size: >15,000 lines



sphereCrypt is a cryptography algorithm that I created and uses a custom encryption / decryption scheme. The algorithm generates a key which is used to decode the encoded message back into human readable form. The image to the left is a visualization of this process, representing a potential path that may be taken while the program is running.

Language: Python
Size: 213 lines



This project was done in a group as a part of the Operating Systems course taught at my university, which had us write a thread library that implements thread creation, yielding, locking, and condition variables. In order to test our library we had to write custom test suites which checked the logic of our thread queues and context swaps.

Language: C++
Size: 350+ lines


Personal Website

I personally created the entire website you are currently viewing -- from the layout of the elements to the style of transitioning between them. My intention was for the experience to be smooth for the user while keeping use intuitive for those first visiting the site. Creating this site taught me how to host a web page that is accessible across all devices and platforms.

Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript
Size: ~650 lines